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Dwellers - Catalog


Titolo: Lorella Paleni. Dwellers
Artist: Lorella Paleni
Text: Natasha Marie Llorens
Language: English, Italian, French
French translation: Jim Gavroy
Publication: 07/10/2017
ISBN: 978-88-6057-377-3
Size: cm 22,5×22,5
Format: hard cover
Pages: 144
Price: € 30.00

Publishing house: Vanilla Edizioni 

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Monograph hardcover dedicated to the young artist Lorella Paleni and published on occasion of her solo exhibition "Dwellers" at the E.Tay Gallery of New York, October 18th-November 18th, 2017.

"Paleni’s work is concerned with the process by which the animal becomes incorporated into a human system of value and consumption at the expense of the being that was once irreconcilably unknowable to the human. She paints the threshold between the animal—in itself, as a consciousness whose perspective can only ever be imagined—and what humans make of this being." From the text of Natasha Marie Llorens